What should I wear?

Feel free to wear whatever you like, comfortable underwear is fine and a bra is your choice. Our dresses have amazing structure so you won't need to wear one at all if you wish.

Can I bring children?

Children are welcome as we know it is a memorable time for all, however, we find they can be distracting for the bride and often a 2-hour appointment can be boring for younger children.

Is it one to one?

All of our appointments, from your first bridal visit to group bridesmaid fittings, are all done in the private dressing room with only you, your party and a consultant.

How do I pay?

When you order your dress we take a 50% deposit. The rest is due once your dress has arrived into the boutique. We take card payments in the shop.

How early should I look for my dress?

A reasonable time frame would be a year before your wedding date. Dresses on average take around 3-4 months to arrive and then you may need alterations, so you need a couple of months for that. Please don't panic if you don't have this long as we can get them on an urgent delivery at a cost, or you could look at some of our off the peg dresses.